A full-service worker-owned cooperative agency specializing in digital events, XR integration, social media strategy, video production, the metaverse, and any technical or creative challenge you can dream up.

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Black Heart ︎


Working as a group of collaborators in the Extended Reality (XR) space since 2020, our team behind Black Heart decided to formalize our new venture at the end of 2021. Our goal was simple, to create an agency that is built on the principles of our Black community: amazing storytelling, innovative thinking, anti-racist beliefs, a commitment to lifting each other, our clients, our neighbors.

Our agency is owned by the workers that founded it, a cross-section of some of the best and brightest working in XR, film, social media, and technology. We are proudly a Black owned and led business dedicated to centering Black creators and stories. Our commitment to each other and our contractors is to always pay fair wages to advance our ideals and our quality of life.

We do this in the service of our clients, of you, like-minded individuals and organizations wishing and working to create a better world through action. We understand that is a lot to take on, so we’re here to help you through it.

Together we’ll get into the thick of it, understanding the challenges you are facing and solving them together, with thoughtful intent, creativity, joyfulness, always dripping with authenticity. Our team will bring our knowledge of our chosen professions and life experience to give you an unparalleled experience. We’re here for the hard stuff, always with our heart on our sleeves, and truth in our heart.